Watch the Waterside Chat with Bob Rees

Bob Rees in a Waterside Chat

Bob Rees of the Northwest Guides and Anglers Association joined Waterside Chat host Tom Sadler on April 19, 2023 to talk about salmon, steelhead and conservation in the Pacific Northwest. Among many topics, they discussed:

  • How climate change and forest-clearing have raised water temperatures in many streams to the point that juvenile salmonids cannot thrive and often can’t survive at all. Fish are a forest product, like timber, and forest management needs to take their survival into account.
  • How the Snake River Dams have damaged or destroyed salmon runs that local communities have relied on for many years.
  • How fishing guides and others whose livelihoods depend on healthy stocks of salmon and steelhead are working together to change public policy around fisheries and conservation.
  • Why even an email or a letter to a legislator or the Board of Forestry can make a difference.
  • Tips for fishing in Oregon waters this year.

Mentioned in this episode:

The Marine Fish Conservation Network’s Waterside Chat series connects people who depend on healthy oceans and fisheries with the issues that directly affect them and their communities. Each episode the Network’s Deputy Director Tom Sadler talks with different guests about ocean policy and fisheries management topics. He engages them in genuine and thoughtful conversations about what policy decisions mean for people’s livelihoods, communities, recreation, and coastal ways of life.

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