Goal: Responsible Sourcing of Sustainable Seafood

Sustainable seafood

Quality Seafood Comes From Healthy Fisheries

Sustainable Seafood

This photo and top photo by Natalie Gildersleeve.

In coastal communities around the U.S., the most celebrated regional dishes often showcase seafood caught from nearby waters. Local cuisine is big business across the country. According to the National Restaurant Association, annual sales in the restaurant industry are around $800 billion.

Americans also want to eat healthier by incorporating more seafood into their diets and support U.S. businesses by buying locally. With chefs and seafood consumers looking to put more fish on dinner plates, many are increasingly sourcing products from regional, small-scale fishermen who can deliver high-quality and sustainably caught seafood.

Promoting Responsible and Wild-Caught Seafood is Better for U.S. Businesses and Oceans

The Network partners with seafood suppliers, chefs, and Slow Food advocates, who provide responsible seafood options to consumers and understand that quality and affordable seafood can only come from healthy oceans and productive fisheries. We work to put conservation and science-based ocean and fisheries policies in place so that businesses that catch, process, supply, and serve U.S. wild-caught seafood can thrive and continue to provide sustainable, local options to seafood lovers around the country.

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