General Factsheets & Legislative Resources

  • The Latest News on Magnuson Stevens Act Reauthorization [web page]
  • An Introduction to the Marine Fish Conservation Network [PDF]
  • An Overview of the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act [PDF]
  • 2019 Assessment of MSA-Related Legislation [web page, PDF]
  • Magnuson-Stevens Act: Securing a Future for Fisheries and Working Waterfronts [PDF]. A 2019 thumbnail sketch of the Network’s legislative priorities for the MSA.

The Network’s Priorities for MSA Reauthorization

  • Supporting & Strengthening Our Fishing Communities & Working Waterfronts [web page, PDF]
  • Supporting & Strengthening Science-Based Catch Accounting & Data Management [web page, PDF]
  • Strengthening Bycatch Provisions [web page, PDF]
  • Upholding Federal Statutes [web page, PDF]
  • Improving Forage Species Conservation and Management [web page, PDF]
  • Climate Change & Our Fisheries [web page, PDF]


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