Watch: Waterside Chat with Dan Kent and Brian Muegge of Salmon-Safe

Dan Kent, Brian Muegge and Tom Sadler

Dan Kent and Brian Muegge of Salmon-Safe joined host Tom Sadler for a Waterside Chat on December 8, 2022. Watch their lively conversation now:

Tom and guests talked about:

  • How Salmon-Safe certification involves setting science-based standards for sites in watersheds in the Pacific Northwest, then working with growers, golf courses, construction projects, tech campuses, urban park systems and others to help them put fish-friendly practices into place.
  • How the Salmon-Safe team makes sure the standards reflect the latest science around factors such as pesticide use, soil conservation, biodiversity and sediment runoff, with a singular focus on water quality and watershed impacts.
  • Why companies are looking to source from Salmon-Safe certified farms, and how farmers can offset the costs of Salmon-Safe certification.
  • How Salmon Safe’s collaborative approach can be applied globally to protect trout, coral reefs and everything in between. Their work is based on partnerships.
  • How companies such as Copperworks Distillery have built successful – and tasty – marketing campaigns around their Salmon-Safe certification (and where you can buy your Copperworks Salmon-Safe certified whiskey).

Plus a few fishing tales along the way. Enjoy! Oh, about that whiskey…..

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