Join Our December 8th Waterside Chat with Dan Kent & Brian Muegge of Salmon Safe

Chinook Salmon

Please join host Tom Sadler for a December 8th Waterside Chat with Dan Kent and Brian Muegge (another one of Tom’s fishing buddies) of Salmon Safe. Tom and his guests will talk about:

  • How Salmon Safe is leading the movement to implement farming practices and developments that protect water quality, maintain watershed health and restore habitat.
  • What an “ecolabel” is, and how Salmon Safe has become one of the nation’s leaders.
  • Their mission to transform land management practices so Pacific salmon can thrive in West Coast watersheds.
  • Their new Trout-Safe initiative, in partnership with Friends of the Teton River and Henry’s Fork Foundation, expanding the Salmon-Safe certification to Idaho.

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The Marine Fish Conservation Network’s Waterside Chat series connects people who depend on healthy oceans and fisheries with the issues that directly affect them and their communities. Each episode the Network’s Deputy Director Tom Sadler talks with different guests about ocean policy and fisheries management topics. He engages them in genuine and thoughtful conversations about what policy decisions mean for people’s livelihoods, communities, recreation, and coastal ways of life.

The event is free and will be recorded for later viewing. We’ll see you Thursday!

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