‘Waterside Chat’ Continues with Chef Dana Honn

Chef Dana Honn

The Network’s Waterside Chat online discussion series continued on March 16, 2022 with Chef Dana Honn, who is chef/owner of two restaurants in New Orleans, Carmo and Café Cour, both of which are focused on high-quality local ingredients, sustainability, and affordability. For over 15 years, he has been an advocate for ocean and coastal conservation and restoration, and for the use of sustainably sourced seafood. His interviews and articles profiling enlightened chefs, fishers and farmers have been featured by regional and national publications.

As a passionate supporter of local farmers and fishers, he is also the founder of Tropical Foodways Institute, launched in 2013 with a primary function of acting as a conduit for research, education and resources relating to the cuisine and culture of the tropics, its history and preservation. Most recently, he has been busy in the creation and launch of a new project entitled, “Origins: Amazon,” in conjunction with Carmo and the recently formed BioCultural Institute.

Watch the video to learn:

  • How “origin-to-table” goes beyond “farm-to-table,” and why it’s important to know the traditions behind what’s on your plate.
  • The pros and cons of serving up roughly 85 different species of seafood. (Restaurants on average rotate between 10 different species.)
  • Why improving sustainability depends on building a stronger community, including knowing your suppliers, from fishermen to distributors.
  • The secret to cooking good fish at home. (Hint: Aretha Franklin sang about it.)
  • And much more.

This conversation is the second in the Network’s new Waterside Chat series, which connects people who depend on healthy oceans and fisheries with the issues that directly affect them and their communities. The Network’s Deputy Director Tom Sadler talks one-on-one with different guests each episode about current ocean policy topics, engaging in genuine and thoughtful conversations about what policy decisions mean for people’s livelihoods, communities, recreation, and coastal ways of life. The Network will be hosting another one in May, so we hope you will join us!

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About Tom Sadler

Tom Sadler is the Network's deputy director. He has an extensive background in advocacy and journalism and a passion for oceans and fly-fishing. 

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