The Call to Protect Bristol Bay

Fishing boats in Bristol Bay

Recently, the Marine Fish Conservation Network joined Bristol Bay tribes, local residents, businesses and conservation organizations in supporting the Call to Protect Bristol Bay. We believe it is past the time to permanently protect this national treasure.

The Network has consistently supported protections for the Bristol Bay watershed, and the Call to Protect Bristol Bay lays out a two-step regional approach for permanent protections from mining:

  • Establish Clean Water Act protections. The Environmental Protection Agency should use its authority under section 404c of the Clean Water Act to veto the Pebble Mine. No other approach can create the immediate safety net and security for those who depend on Bristol Bay’s wild salmon.
  • Create a Bristol Bay National Fisheries Area. Congress should introduce and pass the Bristol Bay National Fisheries Area Act, which establishes a National Fisheries Area to provide federal protection for the watersheds of Bristol Bay, and permanently ban any toxic mine waste from the proposed Pebble Mine and large scale projects like it.

We encourage our members and supporters to join the Call to Protect Bristol Bay. You can find additional information about the Call to Protect Bristol Bay here.

Top photo: Fishing boats in Bristol Bay

About Tom Sadler

Tom Sadler is the Network's deputy director. He has an extensive background in advocacy and journalism and a passion for oceans and fly-fishing. 

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