Meet an ‘Accidental Fishmonger’, Jen Levin of True Fin

Jen Levin Waterside Chat

Jen Levin, the president of sustainable seafood supplier True Fin, recently joined Waterside Chat host Tom Sadler for a lively and wide-ranging conversation about the seafood industry in the Gulf of Maine and much more. Jen calls herself an “accidental fishmonger”, since she never planned to become a seafood distributor. In fact, she was working with the Sustainable Seafood Program at the Gulf of Maine Research Institute when she realized the untapped potential for high-end seafood from the region.

Watch the video of Jen and Tom’s July 27th conversation below to learn more about:

  • Jen’s unusual path into the seafood business
  • How True Fin buys directly from more than 35 fishing boats in three states
  • How high-quality fish-handling processes open new markets for seafood from the Gulf of Maine
  • What the Japanese word ikejime means and why it’s relevant to their work
  • How climate change is altering Gulf of Maine ecosystems, and why it means that the fishing industry needs to diversify into areas like under-utilized fin fish. Could lobsters eventually disappear from the Gulf?
  • How new approaches could help smaller fisheries across the U.S. compete with massive seafood imports

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