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On April 20, 2022, the Network’s Tom Sadler hosted Rick Crawford, creator of The Sustainable Angler podcast and founder of the Fly Fishing Climate Alliance, for a Waterside Chat. Listen to their discussion below to learn about:

  • Rick’s love of the Low Country, and how his concern for his children’s future there drives his work. In his eyes, addressing climate change is fundamentally conservative
  • The book, written by a famous businessman, that changed the course of Rick’s career
  • Why sustainability makes smart business sense, and how to make the business case for sustainability.
  • What’s a first step people and businesses can take to lower their own carbon footprints
  • What’s his main message to Congress when it comes to stopping climate change
  • What tangible effects of climate change Rick frequently encounters on his way to his daughter’s preschool, including sunny-day flooding
  • How fly fishing guides, shops, lodges and brands can be a model for other industries if the move to net-zero carbon emissions

As mentioned above, Rick is the creator and host of the award-winning podcast, The Sustainable Angler, and founder of the Fly Fishing Climate Alliance. The Alliance is made up of guides, shops, lodges, brands and nonprofits who have committed to going carbon neutral by 2030. Rick marries his passion for fly fishing and sustainability in his sustainable business consultancy, Emerger Strategies.

This conversation is the latest in the Network’s new Waterside Chat series, which connects people who depend on healthy oceans and fisheries with the issues that directly affect them and their communities. The Network’s Deputy Director Tom Sadler talks one-on-one with different guests each episode about current ocean policy topics, engaging in genuine and thoughtful conversations about what policy decisions mean for people’s livelihoods, communities, recreation, and coastal ways of life. The Network will be hosting another one soon, so we hope you will join us!

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