Happy Earth Day!

Nice planet you've got there...

In celebration of our natural environments and our home planet, Marine Fish Conservation Network members share what Earth Day means to them.

“We live on a beautiful plant that all too many of us take for granted. We can’t just make one day Earth Day, we need to consider each and every one of our actions and how that effects the ecosystems around us. Make every day Earth Day!”

Bob Rees
Northwest Guides and Anglers Association

“The Earth Day messages of conservation, protection and restoration are more important this year than they’ve ever been. With the climate crisis threatening life on land and water, we need bold action to protect critical resources and vulnerable species before it’s too late. Working together, I know this is possible.”

Erica Fuller
Conservation Law Foundation

“On this day the earth spins, the sun circles, the round-abouting moon tugs the tides into ebbs and flows while the gyres’ currents never tire – what a joy to be here on this planet of life, dancing with the challenges the seas constantly provide and from which we humans strive to humbly learn.”

Kevin Scribner
Forever Wild Seafood

“Earth Day is a reminder to honor our more-than-human relatives who weave essential systems around and within us, building the foundation of life itself.”

Marissa Wilson
Alaska Marine Conservation Council

“Earth Day is a milestone for me each year. I check in with my commitment to the fish, fishers and habitat. I thought all would be a lot easier after the elections. I quickly discovered our fight has just begun.

I listened to those testifying during NOAA’s first public hearing on the President’s Executive Order on Tackling the Climate Crisis at Home and Abroad. Those with opposing views continue to minimalize climate impacts to position their industry to take more fish. I listened and was totally disheartened.

So no time to lay back. This Earth Day I recommit to the fish, fishers and habitat and pledge to do my best to help preserve them.”

Dave Monti
Rhode Island Saltwater Anglers Association

“Earth Day is an annual reminder to take stock of our daily intentions and actions to conserve our natural resources for the benefit of all species who inhabit Earth today and for generations to come. Our future prosperity and security depends on the decisions we make today; with science and humanity as our guides, we will ensure our planet home continues to take care of us all.”

Robert Vandermark
Marine Fish Conservation Network

Top photo via NASA

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