It’s Time for the Tightlined Slam

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Anglers in and around western Long Island Sound will once again have a chance to compete for awards, prizes and bragging rights at this year’s Tightlined Slam running October 2-4, 2020.

The Tightlined Slam is a catch-and-release, fly and light tackle fishing tournament run by the Tightlined Conservation Coalition. Cash prizes are awarded to top anglers in pre-determined categories. Anglers compete in nine categories as a team or individual, targeting striped bass, bluefish, false albacore, and bonito.

The tournament is dedicated to raising money and awareness for the conservation of fisheries and marine resources. Last year the tournament raised more than $27,000 to support the American Saltwater Guides Association.

This year the tournament will again support the American Saltwater Guides Association and has added Keep Fish Wet to the list. It is a nonprofit organization promoting science-based, best practices to catch, handle and release fish.

“We are excited to promote these best practices to help ensure that released fish during the Tightlined Slam survive,” said Taylor Ingraham, the tournament’s organizer. “As a catch-and-release only tournament promoting the importance of conservation, proper handling of fish is paramount to the survival of those that we are all fortunate enough to catch.”

You can sign up for the tournament here. See The Fishing for tournament details.

The Tightlined Conservation Coalition website has updates on recent conservation and fishery management actions and ways to speak up and make a difference on key issues impacting fisheries and marine resources.

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Tom Sadler is the Network's deputy director. He has an extensive background in advocacy and journalism and a passion for oceans and fly-fishing. 

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