Listen Now: Tom Sadler Talks Fisheries Management, Science, the Business of Sustainability…and a Little Fishing

Tom Sadler

Network deputy director Tom Sadler appeared on the Sustainable Angler podcast last week, and you can listen to the episode below. Details from Sustainable Angler host Rick Crawford:

In this episode of The Sustainable Angler podcast, I had the pleasure of interviewing the Marine Fish Conservation Network’s Tom Sadler, who has spent the last thirty-five years working to protect the fisheries he loves. We discuss the history of fish conservation from fresh water to marine; the value of science when it comes to fisheries management; how the Magnuson-Stevens Act proves that when you marry science with policy you can protect the resource will enjoying the economic benefits of an abundant fishery; the business case for sustainability and the important work the Marine Fish Conservation Network is doing to ensure the reauthorization of Magnuson-Stevens amongst other good works.

In addition to talking conservation and sustainability, we also talk a little fishing, as Tom is a guide at Mossy Creek Fly Fishing in Virginia, if you’d like to book a day of fishing, and also provides a great resource via his own blog, Middle River Group.

If you don’t see the episode embedded below, click here to listen.

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