Congress Should Support Rep. Pingree’s Keep America’s Waterfronts Working Act

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 25, 2019
CONTACT: Jo Knight,

The Network Applauds Pingree’s Leadership in Addressing the Challenges Coastal Communities Face Today

Arlington, VA – Today the U.S. House Committee on Natural Resources approved Representative Chellie Pingree’s (D-ME) “Keep America’s Waterfronts Working Act,” H.R. 3596, setting the stage for consideration on the House floor. Pingree’s measure establishes a $12 million Working Waterfront Grant Program to help preserve and expand access to coastal waters for water-dependent businesses, creates a five-year pilot program for a $12 million loan fund for waterfront preservation and establishes a Working Waterfront Task Force at the Department of Commerce to identify and prioritize critical needs for working waterfronts, especially in the face of the climate crisis and increased trade threats.

Robert C. Vandermark, executive director of the Marine Fish Conservation Network, released the following statement:

“We applaud Rep. Pingree’s leadership in responding to the challenges facing our coastal communities from the continuing loss of shoreside infrastructure and increased development pressure to the emerging threats of climate change such as rising sea levels. This legislation identifies and addresses these challenges, while also bringing much needed resources to the table.

“Our coastal communities are essential economic and cultural centers. They create both job opportunities and access to a myriad of ocean-dependent activities on local, regional and national levels. Recreational anglers, commercial fishermen and chefs, to name a few, depend on our vibrant, working waterfronts now and in the future.”


The Marine Fish Conservation Network is a coalition of commercial and recreational fishing associations, regional and national conservation groups, aquaria, and marine science organizations committed to sustaining fish populations, healthy marine ecosystems, and robust fishing communities.